Donna's Strep Infection in her Hip Resurfacing

Don't Ignore Teeth Problems - They Could be Infected and Attack Your Hip Resurfacing Device

I had both my hips resurfaced 9/2008 Dr. Su. Been feeling wonderful, exercising every day--pool and spinning. This past April 2012, I had a cracked tooth under a cap. I had some pain but nothing that I had to act immediately on. My dentist said to go a specialist and begin treatment for an implant. I took my meds as prescribed. I must have waited about 2 weeks and then went to have my tooth extracted and start the process for the implant. He was amazed that I wasn't in pain with the raging infection I had in my tooth. I continued my meds for another week. Feeling good and full of energy. About a month later during the day I wasn't feeling well and developed a high fever. By evening my husband rushed me to the hospital, I couldn't walk, high fever, and excruciating pain. My hips were infected. Overlook Hospital rushed me to HSS. Once they discovered what type of infection I had (Strep) I had to have surgery. They typically take out your hips, but I was very fortunate. They went back in and cleaned it out. I was in the hospital for about 15 days and came home with IV meds for another few weeks. During that time I did develop C diff and drug fevers. I then had to go back into the hospital for another 5 days.

It was NOT a fun experience--very scary! I felt I did everything the Drs. told me. I wish I had the tooth pulled immediately. Do not fool around with any type of infection--particularly in the mouth. I will now be on antibiotics for a very long time--probably my lifetime which concerns me.

I will say this, if this had to happen, I was very lucky and blessed to be at HSS with Dr. Su and his staff!!

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