N. Smith's Hip Resurfacing Revision Due to Heterotopic Ossification 2012

October 06, 2012

I'm a 54 yr old male and had a resurfacing over 18 months ago and it has been a nightmare from day one - been unable to lift my leg, walk without a stick or do almost anything that I could do before the operation even though it was painful due to osteo arthritis. I have lost significant amounts of muscles around my hip and in my thigh and it has caused problems with my back and my other hip and I have been to see countless consultants.

Now been recommended for a revision (next week) apparently partly due to hetertopic ossification. Also lost my highly paid job because I couldn't do it anymore ! Not a happy experience.

November 19, 2012

Had revision 5 weeks ago and the difference has been remarkable ! The surgeon removed a large amount of bone which had formed both in the muscles and around the MoM resurfacing and gave me full ceramic implant. Already I can do things like lift my leg, get in and out of car, bed etc that I hadn't been able to do for 18 months after resurfacing. Apart from the soreness from the surgery the pain has practically disappeared. Onwards and upwards !

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