Triplet Mom's Revision 2013

I had a LBHR on April 16, 2009, 4 months after having a bilateral knee replacements. My hip was a lot worse than my knees, but I needed to be able to walk to rehab the hip, so Dr Rafael Klug (Kaiser) and I decided that would be best. It took only weeks before I was out and moving easily but a year before I was back to normal energy wise. This could be because I had two major surgeries back to back.

My right hip was replaced THR in Jan 2012, now with UC Davis, Dr Paul Diceasare. My right hip is great at a bit over 1 year old. I have been very happy with the hip resurfacing, until March 2013. I found out that my LBHR will have to be revised to a total hip. My bone has opened up around the post, causing pain.

I now am having Dr Pereira head of Orthopaedic Surgery at UC Davis, revise to a THR in June. I'm not looking forward to another year before I feel like riding my horses and golfing again, not to mention the weight gain. I have been working hard this last year to take off the 20 lbs I gained after the other surgeries in 2009.

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