Jen's Hip Resurfacing Revision 2005

I had resurfacing done on my right hip with the Wright Conserve Plus in 2004. It lasted about a year before one of the screws snapped and it had to be converted to a THR. Unfortunately, that device didn't work for me - but its different for every person.

I was born with severe dysplasia of the right hip so I had a lot of work done prior to the resurfacing. The resurfacing was actually only presented as an option once I turned 18 and had finally stopped growing. I'm 27 now, most recently had another revision to the implant last Feb (having a reaction to the metal-on-metal device). As I recall the screws were placed in initially to help support a bone graft that was needed as well. I was at physical therapy when the screw snapped and the whole joint fell apart.

It was really odd actually - I was walking and turned to go down a hallway and got a super intense pain on my right side. So much so I could hardly put weight on it. I got home and the entire side where the device is was warm to touch. The next day I was still having trouble walking so I got in to see my doctor as soon as possible. He then sent me to have a MARS scan and to have fluid withdrawn from the joint. The fluid was very bloody and at that point they decided it would be best to do a revision to add plastic into the joint.

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