M S's Unsuccessful BHR by Dr. Justin Klimisch and Revision to THR by Mr. McMinn 2011

Approximately 4 years ago I underwent a BHR procedure by Dr. Justin Klimisch which resulted in a disastrous outcome: I sustained significant nerve damage during the procedure to my femoral nerve (lost all function in my quadriceps and hip flexor muscles) as well a suspected traction injury to the whole nerve bundle which runs posterior to the hip resulting in drop foot.

I continued to experience significant nerve pain and mechanical hip pain and clunking after the hip resurfacing surgery. Eleven months later it was determined by experts that the BHR components installed were over-sized for my small frame, increasing the offset of my leg, and protruding into the soft tissue around my hip, so my only option was to have a revision procedure to a total hip. I was terrified of further nerve damage to my leg which was still very weak by undergoing a subsequent procedure so I chose to have the operation performed by Dr. Derek McMinn (the father of hip resurfacing) in Birmingham England as he is likely the most experienced surgeon in taking out an acetabular component which has become well fixated into the pelvis without causing further damage to bony structure.

My experience with Dr. McMinn was very good. The revision helped significantly to reduce my hip pain and clunking, but 4 years later I continue to have weakness and sensory loss in my right leg due to the multiple nerve injuries sustained in the resurfacing surgery by Dr. Klimisch. It is doubtful at this point that I will regain further function. As I later came to find out I was a very poor candidate for hip resurfacing due to my small frame.

I do not want anyone to experience the pain, frustration and loss that I have experienced after my resurfacing surgery so I would like to share my experience with those on the www.surfacehippy.info  website.


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