Kevin of California Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Bose 2013


Surgery  Date:  April  11,  2013  
Age:  51  years  old  
Physician:  Dr.  Bose  
Hospital:  Apollo  Hospital,  Chennai,  India  
RECOMMENDATION  -  Words  cannot  adequately  express  what  a  life changing  experience  my  hip resurface  has  been .  I  am  now  8  months  post  surgery and enjoying  all  the  sports  and  physical activities  that  I've  always  loved ,  with absolutely  no  limitations .  A  year  ago I  was  at  the complete  opposite  end  of  the spectrum. I  had  literally  ground  to  a  halt  with  severe bone-on-bone  cartilage  deterioration  and  a  lack  of  viable  options  had  me  backed  into a corner. Any solution  involving  the US  medical  system  w as  going  to  be  time  consuming ,  extremely costly,  and  there  was  a  good  chance  I  would  not  even  be  partially  covered if  our  insurance company  categorized  my  condition  as  'pre-existing.'  

Fortunately,  there  was  a  much  better   remedy  available.  The  more  research  I  did,  the  more positive  feedback  I  found  regarding  the  BHR  Birmingham  Hip  Resurface  in  general ,  and regarding Dr.  Bose,  specifically.  I  contacted  Dr.  Bose  through  Healthbase  Online,  and  a  month  later  I was already   back  home  and  well  on  my  way  to  recovery .  Dr.  Bose  helped  to  develop  the  BHR prosthesis  at  Oxford  University  in the  mid  90 's  and  has  performed  more  than  25 00  successful hip  resurface  surgeries.  However,  the  procedure  has  only  been  FDA  approved  in  the  US  since 2006.  The  total  cost  of  my  trip  to  India  to  have  surgery  with  Dr.  Bose,  one  of  the  top three  physicians  in  the  world  at  performing  this  unique  hip  repair  procedure,  was  only  a fraction of  what  I  would  have  spent  in  the  US  to  be  operated  on  by  a  less  experienced  surgeon, even  with  medical  insurance  coverage!

Every  single  person  I  met  along  my  medical  journey;  from  the  Apollo  Hospital  staff  to  the Healthbase  booking  agents,  from  the  nurses  (especially  the nurses)  to  Mr.  Mohan  the  hospital coordinator,   from  the  Ma  who  ran  the  kitchen  to  the  young  man  who  cleaned  my  room each  day.  Every  single  person  did their  job  to  the  highest  standard  with  genuine  caring  and concern  for  my  well  being.  If  I  rang  my  call  button  at  3:00  am,  I  could  only  count  to   'three Mississippi ' before  a  nurse  popped  her  head  in  the  door  to  see  what  I  needed .  The  suite they  put  me  in  was   very  large,  with  a  spare  bed  for  a  companion,   marble  floors and countertops ,  refrigerator,  television,  and  Wi-Fi  access.  Dr.  Bose ,  or  his  distinguished  protégé  Dr.  Prajit,  would  visit  every  day  to  assess  my  progress. Whenever I  had  a  question,  they  were readily  accessible  and  I   would  always  receive  a  timely  answer.  

After  5  days  post  surgery  I  moved  across  the  street  to  the  brand  new  and  reasonably  priced Rain  Tree  Hotel.  It  is  a  beautiful  hotel  with  great  food  and  a relaxing spa .  I  spent  the remainder  of  my  stay  there  until  I  was  cleared  to  fly  back  to  the  US .  While  at  the  hospital, I  befriended  another  hip  resurface  patient.  We  hired a car  from  the  hotel   for  several  excursions to  purchase  gifts  for  our  wives  and  visit  historic  churches  and  temples .  It  was  like  being  on vacation  only  better, because  my  trip  to  Chennai  held  the  promise  of  a   full  return  to   health and  mobility.  It  turned  out  to  be  the  best  medical  decision  I  have  ever  made.  

ADDED  BENEFITS -  Prior  to  my  hip  resurface,  I  had  suffered  from  chronic  low  back  pain.  A neurosurgeon  here  in  the  US   attempted  to  treat  the  symptom  by performing  a  discectomy  on my  lumbar  spine,  which  failed  within  a  year.  I   now  believe  the  cause  of  my  back  problem stemmed  from  a  laterally  tilted  pelvis  due to  my  collapsed  hip.  Since  my  resurface  surgery,  my hips  are  now  level  and  the  lumbar  spine  seems  to  have  regained  it s  natural,   symmetrical alignment.  Not  only  is  my  back  pain  completely  gone ,  but  also  the  severe  pain  I  had  radiating down  my  shin  to  my  outer  ankle.  I t  appears  my  hip  had  been  the  source  of  all   these related  ailments  and  I   am  now  completely  pain  free  for  the  first  time  in  a  decade!  
NOTES  FOR  FUTURE  TRAVELERS  -  To  speed  healing  and  ease  the  path   for those  who  follow

The  physical  therapy  specialists  at  Apollo  are  terrific.  They  will  instruct  you  in  a  series  of rehab  exercises.  Follow  the  PT  exercises  religiously .  As  soon  as  you 're  cleared  to  get  in  the  water, work  out  in  a  pool  as  much   as  you  can  for  the  first  couple  of  months.  The  water  allows you  to  be  weightless  while  strengthening and  regaining  range  of  motion.

The  pain  post  surgery  was  not  bad  at  all.   Gentle  self-massage  around  the  areas  of  soreness reduced  swelling  and  really  sped  up  the  healing  process.  Of course you  should  avoid  rubbing  directly  on  the  incision  site  until  it  is  fully  closed  up.  

Initially,  I  had  some  muscle  cramping  that  w as  easily  cleared  up  with  a  calcium/magnesium powdered  supplement  available  in  most  health  food  stores.  The supplement  also  helped  me  to sleep  deeply,  further  promoting  healing.

Apollo  Hospitals  form  a  network  of  wellness  centers  around  the  world  staffed  with  qualified physicians  of  various  disciplines.  While  I  was  waiting  to  be  cleared  for my  flight  home,  I  saw  a couple  of  other  specialists  to  address  medical  issues  that  I 'd  been  putting  off  in  the  US  due to  the  exorbitant   cost  of  treatment.  It  was  effortless,  inexpensive,  and  I  found  the  other doctors  all  to  be  very  good  at  what  they  do.  

Before  making  the  trip,  set  up  Face time  or  Skype  with  your  loved  ones  back  home.  It  will seem  as  if  they  are  right  there  with  you.

Cathay  Pacific  is  a  great  airline  with  service  to  Chennai.  I  recommend  business  class  for  the return  flight,  because  you  can  lie  flat  and  sleep  the  entire  way home.  If  business  class  exceeds your  budget,  preferred  economy  has  more  room  than  economy  and  the  seats  will  recline  to the  ¾  position .  Several  of  the  seats  in  each  cabin  also  have  a  raiseable  footrest.  You  can request  one  of  the   seats  with  a  footrest  when  making  your  reservation.  
PARTING  THOUGHT  -  While  conducting  my  initial  research  I  contacted  a  hospital  in  Los  Angeles that  specializes  in  joint  replacement.  I  was  told  the  first  date  I  could  be  seen  by  a  doctor for  a  consultation  appointment  would  be  6  weeks  later  and  the  cost  would  be  $500.   I  was already  back  from  India ,  post  surgery and  feeling  great,  when  the  LA  hospital  called  to  confirm my  appointment  and  ask  for  my  credit  card!  

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