January 31, 2012 I am walking over 3 miles per day with my cane at 3 1/2 weeks post-op, feeling sore and my mind is running. I also don't like meds. I am  a Dr. Gross patient.

February 11, 2012 I am doing stretches where I let gravity be my "force." I was severely limited in my ROM prior to surgery, so the muscles and tendons want to spasm now that my joint can move more. I was 4th in NC tri series AG in 2008 prior to my last injury which led to surgery, so I do understand wanting to push yourself. I work from home at my computer. Returned to work at 1 week, but worked short periods. Sitting is the toughest for me. Walking/standing/lying down are much easier. Returned to driving at my regular rate(7 hours per day--mom of 5 )at 4 weeks and that was very tough.

February 12, 2012 Hubby left town this past week and with 4 kids b/t 10 and 15, I was in car 6-8 hours/day and felt like crying. I can walk 4 1/2 miles but driving 30 minutes puts me through the roof. Left hip/now 5 weeks post-op.   Yesterday, as I turned to walk down my garage steps, I slipped a bit. I felt like I may have pulled muscles a bit, but I am not in any severe pain. I am, however experiencing severe "clunking" feelings and limping again. I have not limped for a week, except for after driving--I hate driving right now. The clunking just won't go away. I also have "warm/hot feelings in my lower leg.

I tell myself that if it doesn't REALLY hurt, I am ok, but the first time that I broke my pelvis, I worked in my office for a few hours, went Christmas shopping at the mall and carried my son's ice hockey bag to and from practice the next morning before admitting that there was a problem. I played tennis after I broke my pelvis the 2nd time in the hip socket--doubles at 2 weeks and singles at 4 weeks, so I worry that I am out of touch with my pain receptors:)) I finished a tennis match after breaking my wrist in the 2nd game...the right wrist...yes, I am right handed. So, I get nervous when things don't feel right. I do go for a check up later this week. Just looking for some restfull sleep the next couple of nights beforehand!

February 21, 2012 I'm 7 weeks post op, hiking 4 1/2 miles per day and have begun swimming/biking at the gym, but it's still nice to have in the morning when everything has stiffened up overnight.

February 24, 2012 Both of my legs have been swelling up over the past couple of days. No pain, just swelling-- toes to top of thigh. I was standing last night for 1 1/2 hours in flat shoes but nothing else.  I walk lots and try not to sit/stand in one place for too long.


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